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Open & Close Plantation Shutter Louvers • Adjust Blinds w/Pull Knob or Beaded Chain • Ceiling AC Vent w/Lever • Ceiling Fan On-Off Pull Chain • Hang String Lights • Decorations • Flower Baskets •  Bird Feeder • Retrieve & Hang Clothes Hangers • Computer Cables & Cords • Hundreds of Uses!  (Pole Not Included)

Smart Reacher Features

  •  PATENTED 9-point function design

  •  HAND SCREWS onto a standard paint style extension pole or broom handle

  •  REMOVABLE VINYL TIP COVER protects finished surfaces such as cabinets, floors, paint, metal, etc

  •  NOTCH-CUTS PULL/HOLD/GRAB/HOOK cords w/pull knob/knot/loop, chain bead/link, wire cable, etc.

  •  SCREW ONTO POLE IN REVERSE POSITION for additional use options i.e. hooking wire, pulling, lifting

  •  SMALL SIZE & LIGHTWEIGHT for easy reaching behind/under appliances, furniture, computer desk, etc





If you have any questions, let us know we'd be glad to help.

Large quantity quotes available
Window Covering Installers/Mfgs, Apartment Complexes, Restaurants, Retirement Centers, Realtors, 

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